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Thoughts: Rustic Roots Pippins sparkling wine (and apple wine vs. cider)


To mark the end of my employment, I cracked open a sparkling apple wine. I managed to neglect writing down anything about it, or even a picture of the bottle.

So rather than pretending I remember the subtle notes on the tongue and the mouth feel, let me tell you, it was crisp, well-carbonated and yummy.  That’s right: Yummy.

But wait, it’s not a cider?

No, it’s not. But here’s the thing it got me thinking about. What’s the difference between apple cider and apple wine?

Is it the ABV? Is it the sugar content? Is it just how the seller wants it marketed?

Reading on cider forums, ABV over or under 10% seems to be the prevailing thought, but let me know in the comments.

And while you’re at it, when you’re bringing cider across the border, do you treat it as wine or as beer?

Anyways, you can find out more about Rustic Roots Pippins Sparkling Wine. I picked up my bottle at Legacy Liquor Store.

2 thoughts on “Thoughts: Rustic Roots Pippins sparkling wine (and apple wine vs. cider)

  1. Over here the only difference is the abv. They are taxed differently as well. For me fermented apple juice is cider.

  2. Just came across the border with a cooler full of Oregon ciders and had my fingers crossed they would consider them beer! Of course no one ever asked. But the information on Canada customs sure isn’t very helpful!!

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