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Review: Traditional Thistly Cross Cider

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Traditional Thistly Cross Cider Traditional Thistly Cross Cider Traditional Thistly Cross Cider Traditional Thistly Cross Cider


Orgle was in the states when I was doing my intense five month job. This is a cider he brought back for me.

Kind: Traditional Thistly Cross Cider

Size: 500mL glass bottle

Strength: 6.2% ABV

From: Scotland

Company Description: I’m able to find a description for the Traditional cider, but it is listed as 4.2% ABV. So maybe their export cider is different?

Orgle’s thoughts:

“It’s a little sweet. But pleasant. Not very tangy or tart.”

My thoughts:

“It poured with carbonation. But where did the fizz go?”

“It’s appley.”

This is a likeable however unremarkable cider. It wasn’t too sweet, too fizzy/flat, too dry (is there such a thing?), but it was just not memorable.


Often my afterthoughts are weeks or months later, depending on how behind I am on this blog, but this one was just a few days ago. Needless to say, things haven’t changed. I’m neither disappointed nor wowed by this cider. It is completely adequate.

Where to buy:

Ask Orgle. Or look at their list. Doubtful to find in Western Canada.

Traditional Thistly Cross Cider

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