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Portland has a cider bar, Seattle has a cider bar… Vancouver?


This past week, Capitol Cider opened up in Seattle. The 150 seat cider pub and restaurant specializing in gluten-free food, has 14 ciders on tap and 50 in bottles. They intend to have 100 ciders eventually.

More info:

Down in Portland, Bushwacker Cider will be celebrating its third birthday in September. They carry 6 ciders on tap and 150+ in bottles (!!!). They also produce several ciders that can be found in the Portland area.

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So we’re about five years behind Portland when it comes to all the other trends – microbreweries, doughnuts, fancy ice creams (mark my word, Earnest Ice Cream will have competition soon), etc.

On the five year anniversary of Bushwacker Cider, in 2015, Vancouver will not be ready for its own cider bar. At this point, it’s hard to find even one decent cider in most bars.

I give it five years. It will happen.  We like trends and cider fits the role for the massive contingent of newly minted gluten-free people.

But we need to build the BC industry. People need to know that cider isn’t just a sickly-sweet option for 18 year olds and those who don’t have a taste for wine and beer.  I’m at the point where I think I’ve tried every BC cider. That wouldn’t be the case in Washington State or Oregon.

Maybe I shouldn’t be writing about cider, maybe I should be making it?


2 thoughts on “Portland has a cider bar, Seattle has a cider bar… Vancouver?

  1. Shame you can’t develop a #cidertrade or can you?

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